New building

Since August 2020, Fraunhofer IPM is located in the immediate vicinity of the Technical Faculty of Freiburg University. With a usable floor area of around 7700 sqm, the new building in Georges-Köhler-Allee 301 offers a comfortabel, modern working environment in addtion to excellent structural and technical conditions for our research.  


  • Investment volume of 43.1 million euros (50 percent from the European Regional Development Fund, 25 percent each from federal and state funds
  • Special investment funds of 14 million euros from the state and federal governments for the development works and initial equipment of the institute

Construction parties

  • Building owner: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Architects: kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner GmbH
  • Technical building outfitting: Krebser und Freyler Planungsbüro GmbH
  • "Art in architecture": Tobias Rehberger


  • Usable floor area 7700 sqm
  • 500-sqm workshop
  • Two state-of-the-art gas measurement laboratories
  • 400-sqm clean laboratory
  • Generous event space with room for up to 250 people


Energy, heating and cooling

  • Triple-glazed windows with sun protection coating
  • Groundwater-based thermo-active building system which enables 380 kW of carbon-free building and process cooling
  • Photovoltaic installation with 30 kWp
  • Ten charging stations for electric vehicles

Choice of materials

  • Steel windows and sand-lime brick walls to reduce the use of aluminum and concrete, which require large quantities of energy during production
  • Outer façade in durable ceramic
  • Polymer-free thermal insulation
  • Extensive greenery: roof garden for urban gardening, more than 3000 sqm of vegetation on the roof and façade, abundance of trees
  • Approx. 13,000 sqm of flooring made of natural raw materials (wood and rubber)


  • Translucent doors and transom windows which let in natural light, meaning reduced artificial lighting
  • Windows with opening transom sections for individual nighttime cooling
  • Artificial lighting provided by energy-efficient LED lights with motion sensor technology