Systems expertise

From the idea to the turnkey inline system

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Digital holography

Digital multi-wavelength holography – from the laboratory to production

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Imaging inline surface analysis

Imaging procedures for quality control

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Imaging fluorescence measurement technology

Total inspection of coatings - Detection of even the smallest of impurities

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Inline microscopy

Microscopy within seconds: automated microscopy systems for demanding measuring tasks

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Fluorescence optical detection of biochemical reactions

Patient-related diagnostics - fully automatic and fast

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LIBS - Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Rapid materials analysis of surfaces and coatings

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Real-time data processing

Parallel image processing allows 100 percent inspection

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Expertise »Production Control«

Contact-free – precise – rapid

Fraunhofer IPM has been developing turn-key optical measurement technology for industry and research partners for over 30 years now. »Measuring, monitoring, optimizing« – this is the guiding principle for our production control systems. Our inline measurement techniques and optical surface analytics focus on the interplay of optics, mechanics, electronics and software. We create systems that are fast, sensitive and at the same time robust enough for a permanent use under production conditions.


Data evaluation

Part of high-performance measurement technology is an equally efficient data evaluation. We support you in developing strategies for handling multiple data streams − and generate maximum benefit from your measurement data.