Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology uses short pulse or ultrashort pulse lasers which eject a tiny amount of the sample specimen from the material to be tested into a plasma for spectral analysis. This enables the real-time analysis of the material composition without the need to prepare samples. The LIBS method is suitable for alloy analysis, coating inspection and layer thickness measurement within the range of nanometers to 100 micrometers. It also enables depth-resolved measurement of element composition.


  • Contactless, purely optical
  • Measurement time of milliseconds
  • Inline
  • No sample preparation
  • High spatial resolution
  • Independent of component geometry


  • Imaging layer thickness measurement (galvanic, CVD, PVD)
  • Material analysis in metal industry and mining (rock composition, metal alloys, recycling)
  • Inline measurement in battery production

Applications »Laser-Induces Breakdown Spectroscopy«

Layer thickness measurement

Imaging detection of coatings: galvanic, CVD, PVD


Material analysis

Materials analysis in metal industry and mining: rock composition, metal alloys, recycling

Inline measurement

Measuring homogeneity of electrode foils in battery production

Publications »Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy«

Publication Type
2023 Depth-Resolved Elemental Analysis on Moving Electrode Foils with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Basler, Carl; Kappeler, Moritz; Carl, Daniel
Journal Article
2022 Homogeneity Measurements of Li-Ion Battery Cathodes Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Kappeler, Moritz; Basler, Carl; Brandenburg, Albrecht; Carl, Daniel; Wöllenstein, Jürgen
Journal Article
2021 Beschichtungen ortsaufgelöst messen
Basler, Carl; Kappeler, Moritz; Brandenburg, Albrecht
Journal Article
2019 Produktionsintegrierte Qualifizierung dünner Beschichtungen (DSALIPS)
Mory, David; Laure, Stefan; Basler, Carl; Michalik, Katarzyna
2019 Comparison of Laser Pulse Duration for the Spatially Resolved Measurement of Coating Thickness with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Basler, Carl; Brandenburg, Albrecht; Michalik, Katarzyna; Mory, David
Journal Article
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