Inline microscopy

Microscopy systems developed by Fraunhofer IPM for special measuring tasks are customized and meet the highest requirements. The fully automatic systems measure quickly and accurately and are used for inline control in production processes. Our systems are always in demand where standard metrological solutions are not sufficient, for example, for the rapid inspection of large flat surfaces for micrometer-sized defects or for components with special geometries, in which micrometer-accurate fit must be checked every second. Specialized microscopes have also been developed for applications in biotechnology that analyze cell cultures fully automatically and quickly.

Fraunhofer IPM has know-how in all common microscopy methods. Wherever possible, commercially available microscopes are used, which are integrated into special systems. Lighting, mechanical and electrical interfaces and software for data interpretation are optimized for the special requirements of the customer. This creates inline-capable systems that meet the special environment conditions.

Recent work is aimed at integrating complex microscopy systems into production. For this purpose, Fraunhofer IPM has expanded its competences in recent years to include the use of laser scanning microscopes for rapid inline inspection of complex microscopic components. In this context, we have developed very sophisticated image analysis algorithms that analyze microscopic structures in real time.