Precise surface measurement and defect recognition

Precision demands for components and machines are continually increasing. This is especially true for high-tech industries, such as aerospace, medical technology, electronics or the automotive industry. In these industries, it is important that each and every essential component is measured accurately as early as during production in order to avoid unnecessary waste or recalls of entire high-value systems. However, in mass production the most important parameters are only checked qualitatively or using random samples. This no longer meets the growing demands for a 100 percent quality control. 

With HoloTop, Fraunhofer IPM offers an optical system for 3D inline measurements based on digital multi-wavelength holography. HoloTop sensors provides contactless, precise and quick component measurement, while also recording the topography of rough surfaces with interferometric precision. The measuring systems are so fast and robust that they can be directly integrated into production facilities and machines. The compact and cordless HoloTop NX sensor head was developed for use in machine tools.

A variety of applications thanks to flexible system design

The most important elements of the HoloTop sensor technology – in addition to the various laser sources used to illuminate the object – include an area scan camera and a high-quality lens. By adjusting the components, the sensor technology can be adapted to a variety of measurement fields, pixel resolutions, measurement speeds and surface and environment conditions. This allows for a wide range of applications: from accurately milled metal surfaces for diesel fuel injectors and the finest microbumps to contacting computer chips and measuring large surface areas of electric switchboard for high-current applications.


Press release: Starting signal for the »i-skaB« project

Fuel cell production of the future

In the i-skaB project, seven partners from research and industry are collaborating on technologies for scalable fuel cell production. The goal is stack production at 30-second intervals. Besides innovative production technologies, the focus is also on fast optical quality assurance based on computer vision and 3D measurement techniques such as digital holography.


Light: Advanced Manufacturing 2, Article number: 15 (2021) / 5.7.2021

Digital holography in production: an overview

Our experts provide an overview of the industrial application spectrum of digital holography with multiple wavelengths – from the first installation in the production of precision turned parts for the automotive industry in 2015 to its current use in high-precision processor production.


Joseph von Fraunhofer award 2017

Team members Alexander Bertz, Tobias Beckmann and Markus Fratz were awarded the Fraunhofer Prize 2017 for their digital holographic inline measuring system.