Job & Child

Balancing professional and family life

We support our employees at Fraunhofer IPM in reconciling professional and family life:

Looking for a daycare place for your child?

Then we would love to help! Thanks to our partnership with the Kita Junikäfer daycare center in Freiburg, Fraunhofer IPM can offer its employees reserved places. For children between the ages of 0 and 6.

Parent-and-child office

Your child has a runny nose or the daycare center is closed for vacation days? Fraunhofer IPM supports its employees when they have to take on childcare responsibilities at short notice. Parents can even look after their child at their workplace. If it is necessary to care for children at home, flexible working times can be arranged with the relevant superiors. The new Fraunhofer IPM building will offer the ideal conditions: A separate, well equipped parent-and-child office is in the planning, which will even have its own patio area.

Dual-Career-Netzwork Upper Rhine

Fraunhofer IPM Freiburg is a member of the Dual Career Network Upper Rhine (DCNO). This network aims to provide support for dual-career couples by helping the partners of newly employed people in leading positions find work in Freiburg and offers wide-reaching career advice.

Contingency care

Together with pme Familienservice, Fraunhofer IPM offers care for family members in exceptional circumstances. This also includes backup care for children between 0 and 12 years of age. pme Familienservice works with private care workers who can step in when care is needed at short notice.