Environment + Energy


Gas leak detection

More safety – Less environmental impact

Fraunhofer IPM is developing sensitive and convenient measurement technology for the quantitative leakage testing of gas infrastructure.


Hydrogen measuring technology

We develop measuring technology for a safe hydrogen infrastructure.


Sensors for agriculture

A wide variety of measurement data gathered in a digital ecosystem can make agriculture more efficient and climate-friendly.


Air quality control

Sensors that measure gas concentrations are used for the safety and protection of the environment – in everyday civil life as well as in industrial production.


Determination of the calorific value and the composition of gases

The chemical composition of natural gas can be determined quantitatively with high accuracy using spectroscopic methods.


Efficient cooling and heating without harmful refrigerants

Caloric cooling and climate control technology has the potential to fundamentally change today's predominantly compressor-based cooling technology.  


Thermoelectric waste heat recovery

Using thermoelectric technology, waste heat can be directly converted into the higher-value energy form of electric current, silently and without moving parts. Large quantities of waste heat are generated in many processes.


Peltier cooling

Thermoelectric Peltier elements are used as heat pumps for cooling and precise temperature regulation. For our customers we develop, build and characterize specific system solutions – from prototype to implementation.



Thermal management

We offer consulting, simulation, fabrication of prototypes as well as component and materials characterization with respect to thermal management.