Object and Shape Detection

»We cover the entire process chain of 3D data acquisition.«

In the Department of »Object and Shape Detection«, headed by Prof Alexander Reiterer, we serve the entire process chain for mapping, referencing, interpreting and visualizing the shape and position of infrastructure objects. For this purpose, we develop laser scanners and custom-made lighting and camera systems. These devices are able to perform measurements with high levels of speed and precision, particularly from moving platforms. Measurement data are evaluated in a fully automated process and interpreted by specially developed software. To this end, we employ techniques from the field of artificial intelligence (AI), such as deep learning. Data that are edited and visualized for specific applications provide experts with a sound basis for decision-making, for instance where the planning of infrastructure is concerned.

We focus specifically on speed, precision and long service life of the systems. Objects and shapes are mapped three-dimensionally with a wide range of sizes covered – from a few centimeters to a scale of some 100 meters. The measurement systems are in use worldwide, their tasks ranging from monitoring rail infrastructure to surveying road surfaces. New areas of application include mobile data collection both from the air and underwater.