Production Control

“Measuring as fast as manufactures produce is our contribution to efficient, controlled production.“

The Department of »Production Control« under the direction of Dr. Daniel Carl develops optical systems and imaging processes for inspecting surfaces and taking precision measurements of complex 3D structures on active production lines. The aim: To ensure processes are controlled and therefore more efficient. Our systems are so fast and so accurate that even the smallest defect or area of contamination can be detected on a high-speed production line and classified in real time. In fact, when combined with (marker-free) individual component tracking and tracing technologies, our optical sensors and measurement systems have the potential to make 100 percent reliable real-time production control a reality – in many cases for the very first time. This assigns them a role as enabling technology for the implementation of modern production strategies against the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution.

A wide range of methods is used, including digital holography, infrared reflection spectroscopy and fluorescence methods, with fast, low-level image and data processing. They can also be customized to suit different customer use cases, including for forming technology in the automotive sector and for quality assurance in the production of medical devices and electronics.