Group Inline Vision Systems

The group’s research focus is on highly accurate customized inspection systems that inspect component surfaces down to the micrometer during production. The multi-camera systems inspect the components for compliance with quality criteria using fast, low-level image processing driven by state-of-the-art algorithms. Our inspection systems for quality control of sheeting and long products detect flaws in production at high feeding rates. A free-fall inspection system developed by the group enables us to completely inspect complex shaped components in a matter of seconds without further handling. At the same time, we utilize the image data of a component’s surface microstructure to generate an individual digital fingerprint that is used for tracking. This marker-free Tracking & Tracing procedure is combined with individual inspection data to pave the way for the comprehensive digitalization of production processes in line with the industrial Internet.

100 percent continuous monitoring

  • Surface monitoring of wires, cables, and bands as well as pipes, rods, and profiles
  • Real-time inspection up to 30 m/s
  • Inline detection of microscopic defects
  • Automatic defect detection, classification, and documentation

Inspect 360°: Component inspection in free fall

  • Full inspection of the component surface for geometric defects and surface defects
  • Inline inspection of different components with no need for specific handling or adjustment
  • Defects larger than 100 µm detectable in one-second intervals

Track & Trace FINGERPRINT: Marker-free component tracing

  • Reliable image-based tracing of mass-produced parts in batches of many millions
  • Can withstand local surface damage and impurities
  • Small signature IDs (of only a few kB) enable rapid identification at the rate of production
  • Stationary vision system or smartphone camera as reading system