Systems expertise

Fraunhofer IPM develops optical measuring and test systems for production control and inspection. System development focuses on reliable use under production conditions. Fraunhofer IPM has numerous references from a wide range of industries - from the highly regulated clean room production of medical devices to electronics manufacturing to the production of semi-finished products for automotive in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Fraunhofer IPM is able to use a very wide range of optical technologies combined with very fast hardware-related image and data processing and complex handling systems. For customers, this means that the optimum solution is always the primary focus, taking into account all boundary conditions such as tolerances, surface defects, production cycle, handling and data connection.

From the laboratory to industrial production

We therefore understand system competence as the transfer of tried-and-tested processes to industrially compatible systems under laboratory conditions. This includes the mechanical design and production, the development of electronics (circuit boards, FPGA, etc.) to the complete control cabinet construction as well as the handling of the test specimens. We are familiar with the applicable standards and guidelines and implement them consistently. We work very closely with our customers and external partners, in particular with regard to the handling of parts and the connection to data acquisition systems.

Complex systems – easy to operate

Even though sensor technology is the deciding factor for the quality of the acquired data, the trend in modern inspection systems is increasingly moving in the direction of sometimes very complex evaluation algorithms. Sensor data fusion, machine learning, real-time evaluation and control are mentioned here as examples of keywords of an industrialization 4.0. Despite all the complexity, operator interfaces must always be designed so simply and intuitively that no expert knowledge is required for their use. Fully automated integration of systems and automated error handling and self-monitoring are standard.

Fraunhofer IPM develops prototypes, which are subsequently marketed by a company partner, as well as individual, turnkey complete systems, which are installed directly at the end customer in production. As part of the on-site commissioning, employees are trained in the handling and maintenance of the systems. Naturally, Fraunhofer IPM will also carry out maintenance and service work on the delivered systems. If the systems have an Internet connection, software updates and diagnostics can be made quickly and efficiently via remote access.

Applications »Systems expertise«

High-precision 3D inline measurement

Three-dimensional measurement of large objects down to the nearest micrometer

Automated visual control

Comprehensive, repeatable inspection in the production cycle

Inspection of wires, tubes and rods

Complete surface inspection in real time