Group Thermal Measurement Techniques and Systems

This group’s expertise comprises microsystems engineering, sensor technology, measurement system development and multiphysics simulation. We have many years of experience developing MEMS-based cleanroom production technologies for manufacturing sensors and thermoelectric modules. We develop customized microstructures and microsystems for the temperature-dependent determination of material parameters (such as thermopiles), designed exactly for specific applications. The group’s work includes modeling, layout and process development as well as material, component and system characterization. We are constantly expanding our expertise by using new methods, materials and measurement technologies.

Custom-made microstructures

  • Electrical and thermal measurement of analytes or functional materials
  • Characterization of liquid substances (e.g. oils, refrigerants)
  • Detection of deposits (e.g. calcification, fouling or scaling)
  • Inspection of solids
  • Sensors for combustible gases

Thermal measurement systems

  • Measurement systems for temperature-dependent materials characterization in broad temperature ranges (-200 to +1000 °C), e.g. measurement of Seebeck or Hall coefficients, or of thermal and electrical heat conductivity (incl. service and maintenance)
  • Durable electronic systems for harsh environments

Simulation of physical processes

  • Multiphysics simulations for coupled electrical, thermal, mechanical and fluid effects, from microsystems to kilometer-large energy storage devices