Materials analysis and measurement of thermal properties

Many properties can play a role in the development of new materials. Fraunhofer IPM has decades of experience in analyzing materials, in particular functional materials from thermoelectrics, calorics, coating technology and semiconductor technology. The range of materials that can be analyzed extends from nanometer-thick layers to larger pieces of material that we prepare suitably for the analysis.

For material analysis, we have extensively equipped labs and measurement setups at our disposal, some of which were developed in-house. Our excellent measurement technology in combination with our comprehensive expertise form the basis for determining thermophysical variables such as thermal conductivity (even for thin films), specific heat capacity or phase transformation temperature. This makes it possible to address a wide temperature range above and below room temperature. In our labs, we can also determine electrical properties such as electrical conductivity and charge carrier concentration.

To analyze the material structure, we have measuring equipment such as a state-of-the-art high-performance 3D computer tomograph, a scanning electron microscope with rapid element analysis (also as mapping, i.e. element distribution image) and a laser scanning microscope. Material processing prior to analysis, e.g. sawing, polishing and the preparation of material cross sections, is carried out in our preparation lab.

Our equipment also allows entire analytical chains – for example, it is possible to directly investigate how defects detected during structural analysis may affect thermophysical and electrical properties.

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Testing laboratories

Material and structure analysis

We have extensive equipment for the analysis of functional materials and surfaces.

3D-CT and SEM

We serve the entire process chain for analyzing the microstructure of materials and components: from the preparation of the material to the measurement with high-end equipment to the evaluation of material structure with regard to further material properties.

Custom-tailored measuring technology

Material characterization

Thermophysical material properties can not only be determined very precisely, but also adjusted in a targeted manner.



Measurement & Consulting

Determination of thermophysical properties

The characterization of functional materials is part of our daily business. Take advantage of our know-how.