Expertise »Thermal Energy Converters«

Your partner for cooling, temperature control and heat to power conversion

Our research in the "Thermal Energy Converters" business sector focuses on technologies for pumping, converting, conducting and switching heat.

We develop caloric and thermoelectric modules and systems for cooling, temperature control and converting heat into electricity. The application of new technologies results in especially environmentally friendly, cost-effective and durable heat pumps, cooling systems or generators. We offer comprehensive services in the production of heat pipes for industry and research combined with novel concepts for efficient, heat pipe-based heat transfer.

For our work, we can draw on over 20 years of experience and extensive expertise in special measurement technology, simulation, material development and system integration. Our work is supported by state-of-the-art, high-performance equipment to examine conventional and functional materials.


Caloric systems

Climate-friendly cooling systems without harmful refrigerants: we develop efficient caloric heat pumps and cooling systems as an alternative to compressor technology.


Thermoelectric modules and systems

We produce customized modules for efficient waste heat utilization and Peltier cooling. With our partially automated module production line, we can also offer production in smaller batches.


Heat pipes and Peltier modules

We develop heat pipes according to customer requirements. For specific applications we develop, build and characterize Peltier-based systems.


Measurement technology for structural and materials analysis

We serve the entire process chain for the analysis of thermal, electrical and structural properties of materials and components – investigating conventional as well as functional materials.



Simulations help us understand the behavior of materials in systems. We optimize our system concepts with the help of thermal, thermodynamic and magnetic simulations.



Particle separation

A plasma separator developed by Fraunhofer IPM filters 99 percent of even ultrafine particles from the combustion air of, e.g., pellet stoves.