Magnetic simulations

Complex magnet systems made of permanent magnets are widely used, for example in electric motors and magnetocaloric systems. Due to the special arrangement in so-called Halbach arrays, field strengths of over one Tesla can be generated by using permanent magnets. The flux densities in such Halbach arrays can be tuned using relatively simple measures.

We carry out simulations using the finite element method in order to design such magnet systems. The objective is to optimize the systems, for example with regard to field strength or forces, use of materials or even size. Losses caused by stray fields can also be calculated and minimized. Magnet systems can be designed, manufactured, built and characterized based on these simulation results.

We use our expertise in finite element method simulations of magnet systems primarily for the development of magnetocaloric systems, but we also offer this as a service.

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MagMed project

In the MagMed project, we are working together with industrial partners to create efficient, refrigerant-free freezers for medical technology using magnetocaloric technology..  

Permanent magnet

Design, simulation, and construction


Magnetocaloric cooling systems

Fraunhofer IPM develops energy-efficient cooling systems – entirely without any harmful fluids.


Elastocaloric cooling systems

Fraunhofer IPM is working on the cooling technology of the future – with materials and systems that make optimum use of caloric effects.


Scientific publication


L. M. Maier et al.:

Active magnetocaloric heat pipes provide enhanced specific power of caloric refrigeration

Communications Physics 3, 186 (2020)