Project »FreshFruitLab«

Maturing monitoring and protection of perishable goods in postharvest storages

The concentration of maturation gas in postharvest storages should be monitored continuously. Once the share of maturation gas is known, efficient ventilation helps to save energy. Furthermore, maturity level concentration provides important information on unwanted early maturing which may lead to the decay of goods. Maturing monitoring can contribute to avoid food losses.

In the project »FreshFruitLab«, Fraunhofer IPM develops - in association with industrial partners - a universal gas sensor platform based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-system) for the sensitive detection of maturation gases. In a gas chromatograph system, miniaturised gas sensors, separation columns and pre-concentrators will be combined and the platform for different kinds of fruits will be configurated.

Project finance

The project »FreshFruitLab« is promoted by »Eurostars«.

Project partners

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems EMS B.V., Sint-Annaland, The Netherlands
  • Scemtec Transponder Technology GmbH, Gummersbach, Germany