Stuttgart  /  April 23, 2024  -  April 26, 2024

Control 2024

International trade fair for quality assurance

Fraunhofer Business Unit VISION

Stand 8201 / Hall 8

We exhibit:

High-precision 3D inline measurement Inline inspection of large surfaces with regard to cleanliness and coating Complete optical inspection of mass-produced components in free fall.

HoloTopNX Sensor for 3D Inline Measurements
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Use in machine tool and wireless measurement result transmission and display on tablet for the employee.

Surface inspection

System for fast inline measurement of 3D surfaces with sub-µ accuracy HoloTop.

Our systems of the HoloTop sensor family enable fast and highly accurate 3D measurement of component surfaces directly in the production line. Systems are currently available for detecting surfaces between 15 × 15 mm² and 200 × 150 mm² with lateral resolutions between 3 and 30 µm and accuracies down to less than 0.2 µm (3σ). HoloTop systems are used, for example, in the quality control of precision metallic surfaces (especially sealing surfaces) or electronic components (microbump structures or high-current circuit boards). At the Control booth, a ready-to-use HoloTop 9M18 system will be presented, which enables the measurement of an area of 18 × 18 mm² with 9 million 3D points in less than 60 ms. Single point repeatabilities of less than 1 µm (3σ) are achieved under production conditions. The quality of the measurement data will be illustrated using various sample specimens, but there will also be the opportunity to measure your own specimens live.

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F-Scanner 1Dmini for cleanliness and coating inspection
F-Scanner 1Dmini inspecting a sheet metal component

Inline inspection of surface cleanliness and coatings

We will present our fluorescence scanner F-Scanner 1Dmini: The system detects contamination on selected areas of large components quantitatively and with high spatial resolution in the production cycle. In addition to cleanliness testing, the F-Scanner 1Dmini is also suitable for layer thickness measurement, for example of (organic) CDP coatings, or for oil layer measurement in forming processes.

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Qualitätskontrolle im freien Fall: Bauteile mit komplexer Geometrie
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Free fall system from above

Production-accompanying analysis of geometry, surface condition and contamination of components in free fall

Our inspection systems of the Inspect 360° series analyze the geometry and surface condition of components in free fall during production, thus enabling a type-independent, complete optical inspection of mass-produced components for the first time. At Control 2023, the Inspect 360 HR (high resolution) will be presented, a system for the precise inspection of semi-finished products with regard to the properties geometry and surface defects down to a defect size of 30 µm. The components are conveyed individually into a hollow sphere via a simple feed system and inspected simultaneously from all directions in free fall with the aid of cameras. Metal components from forming, stamping, forging and casting processes or plastic parts as well as hybrid components made of composite materials can be inspected.

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