Vorlesung, Universität Freiburg, INATECH

Vorlesung: 3D-Messtechnik zur Qualitätssicherung in der nachhaltigen Produktion

Institut für Nachhaltige Technische Systeme – INATECH der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

For courses of studies

  • Master of Science in Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE)
  • Master of Science in Mikrosystemtechnik/Microsystems Engineering (MST)
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE)

Recommended requirements

  • Fundamental knowledge about photonics

Content of module

For the majority of manufacturers, metrology plays a key role in quality control. Optical measurement technology is essential to avoid production of »non-good« parts and hence to reduce waste of energy, material, and productivity. Optical technologies help to make efficient use of resources and to produce high-quality parts and goods that finally work reliably over a long period of use. In this way, optical inspection holds immediate benefits for a more sustainable world. In optical inspection and measurement, economic and environmental aspects are in line: This is why optical measuring technology is rapidly penetrating into industrial production. The key is to identify the chances and to develop tailored, reliable optical metrology to do this job.

Against this backdrop, the lecture gives insights into the fundamental principles and methods of optical metrology for production control.

Students will learn

The basic principles of geometrical optical measurements

  • Fundamentals of wave optics
  • Operation of optical sensors
  • Different optical measurement methods and their applications
  • Principles of digital data/image processing
  • Schematics to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of production processes by optical metrology.