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Positioning robot for the fabrication of thermoelectic modules.

Thermal Energy Converters

Thermal energy converters based on functional materials

Functional materials with special physical properties are a focus of the research performed by the Thermal Energy Converters business unit. We use caloric and thermoelectric materials to build innovative systems for cooling, temperature control and converting heat into electricity. Using these materials in heat pumps, cooling systems and generators makes the systems we develop especially environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and durable. Our work draws on more than 20 years of experience in material synthesis and far-reaching expertise in special measurement techniques, simulation, module construction and system integration.

Our primary goal is the development of efficient and environmentally friendly cooling systems, heat pumps and thermoelectric generators on the basis of innovative functional materials. This work is guided by questions of environmental compatibility, industrial manufacturing, integration into systems and not least availability of raw materials. When it comes to materials development, the focus is always on the specific application in a system – from thermoelectric high-temperature generators to the use of Peltier modules to exploit waste heat for temperature management to environmentally friendly cooling systems that are based on magnetocaloric, electrocaloric and elastocaloric materials and do not require harmful refrigerants. Our offer includes

Our offer for thermal energy converters includes

  • Development and analysis of new materials: thermoelectric, magnetocaloric and electrocaloric materials
  • Development of thermoelectric modules and systems
  • Development of magnetocaloric, elastocaloric and electrocaloric materials and systems
  • Numerical simulation
  • Tailor-made systems
  • Contract measurements and measurement on-site
  • Technology consulting and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies and suitability tests




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  • ITS - International Thermoelectric Society
  • ETS - European Thermoelectric Society

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