More power - more waste heat

Hotspot cooling for electronics

As the power and packing density of electronic components increase, the amount of waste heat generated in a small space also rises greatly. This results in dangerously high temperatures and thus increases the failure risk of electronic devices. Today, 55 percent of electronic component failures are caused by increased temperatures alone. The electronic characteristics of batteries are dependent on operating temperature; battery cells age quickly if operated at excessively high temperatures. These examples clearly demonstrate that tailor-made cooling concepts are becoming more and more important in order to avoid thermal overload.

Fraunhofer IPM offers services for thermal management – e.g. for heat dissipation from electronic components on (printed) circuit boards or for battery cooling. The focus is on solids-based heat dissipation and temperature control solutions for small to moderate thermal loads.

These are based on caloric systems, Peltier coolers and heat pipes which we develop in line with our customers’ individual specifications. Thermal simulations, structural and thermal materials characterization, thermography and thermal failure analysis are also part of our portfolio.