Project »PaSiC«

New technologies in gas sensor technology

As the public becomes increasingly aware of air quality parameters in various sectors, environmental sensor technology is moving more and more into the focus of society. This makes new and innovative technological approaches in gas sensor technology indispensable.

The aim of the joint project »PaSiC« is the elaboration and refinement of a simple and automated production technology based on silicon and ceramic sinter composites. The goal is to allow market access for miniaturized optical and photoacoustic gas sensors.

Fraunhofer IPM is developing a specific spectrometer setup for the spectral characterization of photoacoustic detector cells, preceded by the conceptual design and simulation of photoacoustic detector cells and the entire sensor setup. The gas-dependent characterization of the gas sensors developed in the joint project takes place at the gas measurement stations of Fraunhofer IPM.

Project funding

The project »PaSiC« is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the promotional measure »Hybride Materialien – Neue Möglichkeiten, Neue Marktpotentiale (HyMat)«.

Project partners

  • Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany
  • Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, Hermsdorf, Germany
  • CMOS-IR, Erfurt, Germany
  • Technical University Ilmenau, Germany
  • Fraunhofer IKTS, Hermsdorf, Germany
  • Fraunhofer IPM, Freiburg, Germany


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FTIR spectrometer for the spectral characterization of photoacoustic detector cells