Project »E-MASUM«

Monitoring sulfur (Sox) in marine fuel exhaust gas


In 2015, stricter emission limits for seagoing vessels have come into force in the North and Baltic seas. These values, which focus on the exhaust of sulfur dioxide in particular, will soon be extended to several north American harbors. This will force ship owners to either run their fleet with expensive low-sulfur fuel or to install SOx scrubbers on board in order to comply with the new regulations. Permanent exhaust gas monitoring will be mandatory in case of the latter option.

Gas measurement systems available on the market are comparatively expensive and most of them do not resist the rough environmental conditions prevailing on board the vessels. Within the »E-MASUM« project, the partners aim at developing a novel cost-efficient measurement system for sulfur dioxide which will reliably document the effectivity of the scrubber.

Project finance

»E-MASUM« is funded within the framework of the European program »Eurostars«.

Project partners

  • Rüeger SA, Switzerland
  • TX Marine Messsysteme GmbH, Hamburg, Deutschland
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The MASUM sulphur dioxide sensor system was mounted to the container ship funnel during the field tests.