Project »Gas Efficiency«

Determining the composition of gas mixtures

The composition of gases produced regeneratively from biogas or power-to-gas plants fluctuates greatly. The composition of the gas mixture is important for infeed into the gas grid or for use in combined heat and power plants (CHPs) and thermoprocessing plants since changes result in fluctuations in fuel gas quality. If the composition of the gas is known, a more efficient infeed of conditioned biogas into the gas grid and improved utilization of CHPs is possible. It also enables emissions of climate-damaging and toxic gases such as methane and formaldehyde from CHPs to be reduced.

Project finance

The project »Gas Efficiency« was funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) under the guiding principle of »Innovation and energy transition«.

Project partners

  • RMA Mess-und Regeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Rheinau
  • badenova AG & Co. KG, Freiburg
  • HTCO GmbH, Freiburg
  • Klotter Elektrotechnik GmbH, Rheinau-Freistett
  • LogiDataTech GmbH & Co. KG (formerly J. Dittrich Elektronic GmbH & Co. KG), Baden-Baden

Completion 2019

The project »Gas-Efficiency« was successfully completed at the end of 2019. Together with the industrial partners mentioned above, the extension of the gas analyzer to the quantification of hydrogen in natural gas for power-to-gas applications could be demonstrated. Together with bnNETZE and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, a measuring system was installed at a hydrogen feed-in point in the natural gas network of bnNETZE and has now been operated for more than a year. In addition to a highly accurate determination of the composition of the natural gas, the system also provides the concentration of the injected hydrogen, with very high temporal resolution and reaction times down to the second range.  

Spectrometer and thermal conductivity sensor for hydrogen measurement on a natural gas pipeline
© Holger Kock/Fraunhofer IPM
The spectrometer for the infrared active components of natural gas and the thermal conductivity sensor for measuring hydrogen are installed in a natural gas bypass system belonging to Fraunhofer ISE. The measuring device is housed in an explosion-protected case with fins for faster cooling (photo, bottom right).