Gas sensors

Besides spectroscopic gas measurement systems, Fraunhofer IPM also develops and manufactures miniaturized gas sensors and corresponding system components. Using methods of microsystems technology, we create »Micro-Optoelectro-Mechanical-Systems« (MEMS) and »Micro-Optoelectro-Mechanical-Systems« (MOEMS). These include application-specific semiconductor gas sensors and colorimetric gas sensors as well as modulated emitters for absorption spectroscopy in the mid-infrared, manufactured in thin and thick-film technology. Thanks to our specific material expertise and excellent infrastructure, we are also able to develop fast detectors, e.g. for the mid-infrared.

Gas sensors: robust, reliable, energy-efficient

Miniaturized, modular gas sensor systems developed at the institute meet high demands on robustness, reliability and energy efficiency and can therefore also be used in mobile systems. For example, the combination of a separation column with a semiconductor gas sensor array provides a portable gas chromatography measurement system. With miniaturized system components such as IR emitters and absorption cells, compact filter photometers or photoacoustic systems can be realized. Our measuring systems are modular in design; they contain various sensors, evaluation and control electronics and serve in food transport monitoring or in the detection of combustion gases, for example.


Project »FreshFruitLab«

Maturing monitoring and protection of perishable goods in postharvest storages

Project »Gas-O-Chrom«

Early fire gas detection
Optical gas sensors for application in fire detectors

Project »Locochrom«

Gas chromatography for rapid food testing