Clean room

With procedures based on microsystem technology, Fraunhofer IPM develops functional materials and surfaces for thermoelectrics, optics and sensor technology as MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) or MOEMS ( micro-optoelectro-mechanical systems). Using thin-layer and thick-layer technology, we implement semiconducting layers, flexible electronic or microoptical components application-specifically.


Our employees have a lot of experience in dealing with a broad variety of materials:

  • thermoelectrical materials as Bi2Te3, PbTe or SiGe
  • gas sensitive metal oxides as SnO2, Cr2-xTixO3+z, WO3 or MoO3
  • metals as Au, Pt, W, Ti or Ta
  • conductive transparent layers (TCOs) as ITO
  • anti reflexion layers as MgF2 or ZnSe
  • gasochromic materials as rhodium complex or WO3
  • nonlinear optical materials as LiNbO3
  • magnetocaloric and electrocaloric materials