Optical simulation for components

»Ray Tracing« and »Wave Optics« as analytical tools for the simulation of optical properties

Nowadays, almost every development of an optical system requires an optical simulation prior to its implementation in a laboratory setup or in production. In order to determine whether an optical system meets the specifications, a simulation considering all relevant optical effects and influences must be carried out.

Fraunhofer IPM has extensive experience in the application of »Ray Tracing« and »Wave Optics« as an analysis technique. We are able to optimize optical systems with regard to the required specifications and to analyze and estimate the influence of disturbing factors like temperature on the optical performance. Furthermore, we can assess the impact of manufacturing and assembly tolerances on the quality of the optical system and we may identify critical components of the system. Suitable interfaces between the optics simulation software and the CAD system allow the assessment of the effects of mechanical adjustments on the optical properties directly and to check the models prior to production.

Applications »Optical simulations«

Beverage monitoring

Sensors for the
chemical industry

Exhaust gas analysis